Hardcore Sample Packs: Hardcore Samples Invasion Ultra Large Pack.

Hardcore Sample Packs: The Journey Continues

We continue our adventure with extreme violent sounds, we think it not be lenghty one because we want to be ensured that everyone of our fans will have the opportunity to work with production tools for the genre he is interested in the most. So we came up with this ultimatly large hardcore sample packs. One of them is Hardcore Samples Invasion: awesome bundle with dark pads and synths horror sounding stuff for all you hardcore hardstyle gabber fans, powerful drums, snares and hi-hats. The pack contains traditional distorted sounding stuff and some of the new more filered things but everything is still brutal and hardcore devastating as every it will be.

Check Out Harcore Sample Packs Here!

hardcore sample packs
If you want to check out the sound of hardcore invasion samples click the link above or chck out our free sample pack we’ve posted not so long ago. It contains more commercial samples available here.
Our insanely gore sample pack contains:
Bassdrums [250 samples]

– 53 Bounce Kicks
– 98 Distorted Kicks
– 22 Extreme Kicks
– 41 Filtered Kicks
– 36 Hard Kicks

Claps [116 samples]

– 74 Claps Long
– 42 Clubby Short

Cymbals [212 samples]

– 46 Closed Hi-hat
– 20 Crash
– 92 Open Hi-hat
– 54 Rides

Hardcore Loops [280 samples]

– 72 Hardcore Loops 142 BPM
– 152 Hardcore Loops 142 BPM Wet
– 56 Hardcore Loops 144 BPM

Synth Loops [322 samples]

– 68 Hardcore Leads 142 BPM
– 18 Hardcore Leads 144 BPM
– 56 Hardcore Sequences 142 BPM
– 45 Hardstyle Leads 142 BPM
– 135 Hardstyle Sequences 142 BPM

Synth Loops Wet [538 samples]

– 148 Hardcore Leads Wet 142 BPM
– 108 Hardcore Sequences Wet 142 BPM
– 64 Hardstyle Leads Wet 142 BPM
– 218 Hardstyle Sequences Wet 142 BPM

17 Dark Pads
13 Dark Textures
100 Fx Sounds
86 Snares
72 Techno Synths

Hardstyle Samples: Techno Gabber Hardstyle Hardcore Sample Pack For Free.

Hardstyle samples: Free initiative!

We had a lot of complains about the content we’ve been posting e.g that it avoids hardcore and hardstyle genres, well here we are with a direct respond to our listeners and fans of the mentioned genres. We would like to introduce to you a nice blend of hardstyle samples as well and a misture of gabber techno and hardcore. Does it sound pretty awesome ? Well it is high quality content which will be helpful for those hardcore hardstyle maniac music producers and disc jockeys.

Download Hardstyle Samples Pack Here Completely For Free!

hardstyle samples

The Content is what you would usually expect from us, highest quality music production tools, such as hardcore powerful kicks and other drums.
Slick hi-hats, Synths and lots of FX effects and vocals. The compete list of commercial sample packs used to create this immersive music production tool is:
– Cut Vocals Party (HQ Edition)
– Hardcore Voices Invasion
– Hardcore Samples Invasion
– Hardstyle Fx
– Hardstyle Kicks
– Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition)
If you have any problems or would you like to check up on our stock just click here!

Sample Pack: Techno Hardstyle Hardcore Gabber Production Tools

Producers Pack: Techno Sample Pack and other genres!

Here we have a little update with our digital shelves of sample libraries. Some of may thought what can we allow to download for free next time since a pretty big deal sample pack was given completely for free. Well we have some aces in our sleeve you just have to wait patiently.
Today we give away our multi genre sample pack for those of you who are fans of techno – gabber – hardstyle – harcore, the might four.
All in high quality bit rate and of course format. The pack contains many production tools ranging from kicks hi-hats, synths and all sort of stuff hard dance fans and producers may want to play with.

Download Sample Pack for techno gabber hardstyle hardcore music production.

sample pack
The Pack contains goodies from all sort of commerial sample packs we endoor such as:
– Cut Vocals Party (HQ Edition)
– Hardcore Voices Invasion
– Hardcore Samples Invasion
– Hardstyle Fx
– Hardstyle Kicks
– Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition)

Other Samples are available here!

Sample Packs: 600MB Production Samples Free To Download

Sample Packs: The Introduction

Today we are opening finally our biggest category, the free sample packs for download. First music production tools we are giving away are 600MB Production Samples. These are some fine sample to work you I can guarantee. The loops are selected from our best commercial samples available out now.

Download 600MB Sample Packs Here For Free!

sample packs
We know how hard it is to choose only one loop pack when you are interested in music production of many genres, our free sample packs is pure excellent in this matter, we have here everything from hardstyle, dubstep, and trance to hip hop and minimal. You may this this is a bad idea, but you are wrong!
All these sample are of high quality despite the variety. They are good for amateur producers to professional epic producers. These sample packs are quite unique, so creative musicians will make those most out of them.

The Content

Samples come from:

95 BPM Industrial Techno Pack (46)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 1 (34)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 2 (32)
Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1 (3)
Clublines vol.1 – Essential Party (14)
Clublines vol.2 – Time For Power (14)
Clublines vol.3 – Hypnotic Lines (19)
Complete Dubstep Vol. 1 (21)
Complete Trance Vol. 1 (45)
Complete Trance Vol. 3 (5)
Cut-Vocals Party (HQ Edition) (16)
Drumtronic (30)
Electric Guitar Ballads Vol. 1 (3)
Essential Clubkits Vol. 1 (8)
Funktronic Loops (16)
Hardcore Samples Invasion (19)
Hardcore Voices Invasion (10)
Hardstyle Fx (17)
Hardstyle Kicks (2)
Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition) (13)
Large FX Collection (31)
Minimal Heaven Vol. 1 (26)
Percussion XXL Pack (52)
Techno Elements (17)
Top Club Drums Vol.1 (52)
Ultra Kicks Vol. 2 (5)
Vinyl Cut Chords (12)

+ new sounds

guitar samples (6)
clubhouse kicks (16)
hard kicks (10)
noise kicks (5)
scratch fx (10)
trance arp (4)

Other sample packs are available here!