10+ FREE DAW Software and compatible sounds

Free DAW software is good…

Because it is good and free. That is an old rule but still an accurate one. Which one of us wouldn’t like to download DAW software for free? Now you can! But which one to choose? The blog post below shows most up-to-date and accurate set of free DAW programs:www.lucidsamples.com

Best Free DAW programs in 2017

Enjoy! But that is not all!

Which sound sample packs are the best?

Among music creators there have always been discussions about DAW and sample packs compatibility. Lucidsamples has gone through a lot of trouble to test their sample packs if they work with particular DAW programs. As the result they have published a list of dedicated DAW categories at their website. This looks impressive! See it for yourself!

Don’t see your DAW? No problem! The team announced that new DAW compatibility categories will be added soon! Stay tuned!