Fruity pump effect: the use of sidechaining

Sidechainig is a technique that makes one sound effect another. It is like sound of one instrument depends on another one. This is commonly used to avoid frequency interferation, for example, off kick (kick kits,side kicks) and bassline (sample pack).

This is not a new technique. It is widely used in EDM music and it often known as the pumping effect,pumping loops.

To achieve this effect we have to use Fruity Peak Controller plugin, which generates the automatics on the basis of prefered incoming sound. The automatics signal is being used to automate the choosen controller. This plugin is the best for getting sidechain effect. Fruity Peak Controller lugin lets you control the signal automatically from Peak and LFO section levels. Peak makes possible adjusting how input signal will affect the automated signal. The parameters are as follows:

  • Base (BASE) – adjust the base value of peak controller
  • Gałka Volume (VOL) – increase or decrease +/- 200 % the influence of highest volume on peak controller value
  • Tension (TNS) – helps to form the peak volume curve
  • Gałka Decay (DEC) – adjust how long the effect will last

The LFO (low frequency oscillator) supports  the signal automatisation, but we will not discuss this matter here since it is not useful for this short tutorial. Remember to mute this function.

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